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Oosterdam was the second ship in the new 'Vista-class' commissioned by Carnival Corporation for Holland America Line (HAL), which it had acquired in 1989. So-called because of the unprecedented use of glass in the superstructure, the Vista-class would carry just under 2,000 passengers and boasted 85% of cabins with ocean views and 67% with verandahs.

Built by Fincantieri in Marghera, Italy, the Vista-class was designed to Panamax specifications, ie. the maximum size permitted to pass through the Panama Canal; they were diesel-electric powered and had two electric Azipod propulsion units instead of traditional propellers.

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The Vista-class (2002- )
81,769 grt; length 956 ft (291m); 1,916 passengers

The class initially provided for four ships for Holland America Line and they were named for the points of the compass. Zuiderdam was first in 2002, then Oosterdam in 2003 and Westerdam in 2004, with Noordam in 2006.

(left) Zuiderdam (2002), lead ship in the new "Vista-class"

A fifth 'Vista-class' ship was originally intended for Cunard Line as the new Queen Victoria but it became clear that the existing hull design would not meet the punishing demands of the North Atlantic in winter and as other alterations were going to be required to meet the expectations of Cunard's passengers, she was transferred to P&O as the new Arcadia in 2005. See Arcadia (2005) >>

The revised design for Queen Victoria in 2007 proved to be a 'Hybrid Vista/Spirit-class' which was also used for Costa Cruises' Costa Luminosa and Costa Deliziosa in 2009 and 2010 respectively, as well as for the new Queen Elizabeth in 2010. See Queen Victoria (2007) >> and Queen Elizabeth (2010) >>

Show Picture Full Size One feature of the 4th ship Noordam shared by all the Hybrid Vista/Spirit-class ships was an adapted aft section. The original design (left) was tiered with generous balconies, while the revised design (right) added a few more cabins and extended the lido deck. Show Picture Full Size

Indeed, this adaptation was retro-fitted to the original three ships of the Vista-class, with Oosterdam getting her stern altered (as above) in 2009.

New Zealand, Tasmania & Australia
3rd - 20th February 2022

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Sadly, because of covid-19 Australia & New Zealand were not ready to receive international visitors in 2022, so this cruise was postponed by Holland America to 2023, though not before we had already booked to go to Japan....

New Zealand, Tasmania & Australia
24th January - 14th February 2023

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Japan Explorer
12th - 27th March 2023

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Same year, another 'Vista-class' ship and another region we have never visited before...

Total Mileage aboard:
HAL's 'Vista-class': 6,671 n miles

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