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Royal Caribbean International continued the expansion of its "mass-market premium brand" with the introduction of 4 new ships: Millennium (June 2000), Infinity (Mar 2001), Summit (Nov 2001) & finally Constellation (2002). They were the first to be powered by gas-turbines and were among the first ships to use the new "pod" propulsion system instead of conventional propellers. As such, there were a number of initial problems that upset many people's plans - not least our own in 2005, when our planned trip to Hawaii was scuppered at the last minute! See Infinity 2005 >>.

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Millennium (entered service 2000)
90,228 grt; length 965ft; 1,950 passengers

(left) The first ship in the Millennium-class, Millennium as she was delivered in June 2000.
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(right) At anchor off Lahaina in May 2009, in the simplified colour-scheme she was given during 2004.
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Their initial flashy livery of royal blue and white with racy gold lines and red trim was the work of the mega-yacht designer, Jon Bannenburg. However, this was revised in 2004 in favour of a more simplified scheme. In a company rebranding exercise in 2007-2008, all ships were re-registered with the suffix "Celebrity" in front of their name - in case you were in any doubt - but when we eventually sailed aboard Millennium, they hadn't yet got around to painting the new name on her!

The Hawaiian Islands
25th April - 9th May 2009

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After travelling on Constellation, the first impression is of an identical ship, with the same space, comfort and quality throughout. The use of marble, wood and rich fabrics lends class and elegance.

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Grand Foyer
from Deck 5
Cova Cafe
di Milano
The AquaSpa The Tower
(Sun Deck, Stbd)
Lobby Sculpture
The Tower

There is an extensive use of high quality artwork throughout the ship, including many sculptures which are both "unusual" Photo >> and striking. The layout of the public areas on Entertainment & Promenade Decks is fairly standard but flow is good and signage throughout the ship is excellent.

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Cova Cafe di Milano
Special coffees & pastries
The Martini Bar
Our Cocktail Hour at 5pm!
The Elevator Tower
View from Deck 10
The AquaSpa
A sea-view retreat

There are some subtle differences between the 2 ships, however. One is in the AquaSpa, where glass screens surround the pool area, improving the ambience of the sitting areas to the side.

Show Picture Full Size Extreme (Sunrise Deck 11, midships)
A more significant difference is in the treatment of the midships "pepper-pot" towers. Aboard Millennium, this space is a retro-style bar with television screens and a sports-theme, whereas on Constellation, it was a quiet retreat called "The Conservatory".

Curiously, Millennium also had a "Conservatory" but it was hidden away in a florist shop in the small forward (port) "pepper-pot".
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(left) On board Millennium, as Sports-Bar "Extreme" & (right) The same space as the relocated "Conservatory" aboard Constellation

The Conservatory aboard Celebrity's Millennium-class ships
First introduced as a concept aboard Infinity, it was described as "a breathtaking garden factory" featuring the exclusive designs of world-renowned floral designer Emilio Robba. With wicker seating amidst stunning arrangements, both real and silk, it offered a quiet scented retreat. The florists are also responsible for the displays all around the ship. However, the concept could be improved by eliminating some of the windy ways in and out of the space, which can spoil its potentially quiet ambience.

The concept was repeated in the same location aboard Summit and Constellation but on Millennium, the Conservatory was located in The Tower beside Cosmos, originally a little-used teen Disco. Unfortunately, here it has become nothing more than a florist-shop and with limited opening hours, it is a wonder anyone finds the two sun-loungers in the tiny gallery!

Show Picture Full Size The Martini Bar & Rendezvous Lounge
Forward of the main restaurant are 2 lounges; the Rendezvous Lounge on the lower level has a small dance-floor overlooked by a gallery from the Platinum Club, one side of which is the Champagne Bar while the other side is the Martini Bar.
With comfy chairs and settees and a different, richer colour-scheme than aboard Constellation, this lounge is one of my favourites, not least for the challenging menu of Martinis demanding investigation! Show Picture Full Size

On-Board Accommodation
My Deluxe Outside Cabin (6026) was similar to the standard cabin I had last year; spacious and well-appointed, with good quality fabrics and attractive wood finishes. The bathroom was adequate, with a good size shower (no bath!) but only limited storage space (particularly for 2 people).

Show Picture Full Size Show Picture Full Size However, in the cabin, there's plenty of storage space for clothes and nick-nacks (especially for just me!); and a fully-stocked fridge, umbrellas, robes and a free tote-bag are all standard provisions.
Show Picture Full Size The major addition for me this year was a large balcony which also made the room much brighter. See the view >>
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The Concierge-class Outside Cabins (which all the others had on this trip) were a few inches longer and wider than mine, and with a little more storage-space, but the additional length was at the expense of the balcony, which was smaller than mine. However, in Concierge-class, other extras include fancy toiletries in the bathroom and priority passes for when the ship is tendering.

The Metropolitan Restaurant
With its musicians' gallery and 2-deck high glass wall giving views of the sea, this is the main dining room and seats 1,200 in uncrowded elegance. Providing us with excellent service this year were the sophisticated Farrha (married to the Assistant Maitre d'!) and the unassuming (but no-less efficient) Josef. Menus were perhaps not as imaginative as last year but still worthy of high praise. Typical Dinner Menu >>
A couple of souvenir menus from on board Constellation: Farewell Dinner Menu >> & Last Night Menu >>
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Show Picture Full Size The Olympic Restaurant
For a cover charge of $30 you can experience the ship's speciality restaurant and haute cuisine at its finest. Menu >> Menu Exceptionnel >>
Evoking an era of opulence and grandeur, part of the decor includes panelling from the 1st Class Dining Room aboard the White Star liner RMS Olympic of 1911. Show Picture Full Size
(Left) The main decor is inspired by RMS Olympic's Cafe Parisien while (Right) the panelled area includes a "Dine-in" wine cellar.

We sampled the equivalent restaurant aboard Constellation last year but this time we chose not to dine in the Olympic, preferring the more relaxed and familiar service offered by our own waiters in the main restaurant; also the tables are for only 2, 4 or 6, unless you opt for the 10-course gastronomic extravagence of the Menu Exceptionnel >> and the larger table in "Dine-in" wine cellar.

The Speciality Restaurants aboard the Millennium-class ships
Seating just 115 and with their own galley and gastronomic menus individually designed by Michel Roux, these restaurants offer service & cuisine unmatched by any other ships in the same price range.

While each restaurant maintains an "Ocean Liner" theme, each has a unique menu and decor. On Constellation, the "Ocean Liners" restaurant (Right) features laquered art deco panels from the French liner, Île de France of 1927; aboard Infinity, the "United States" restaurant (below Left) has a number of etched glass panels originally in the 1st-class Ballroom of the SS United States of 1952. Show Picture Full Size

Show Picture Full Size On board Summit, the "Normandie" restaurant (lower Right) includes four magnificent gold laquered art deco panels that were once part of the 1st-class Smoking Room of the French liner, SS Normandie of 1935. Show Picture Full Size

Show Picture Full Size Cosmos
This impressive lounge, situated forward on Deck-11 with floor-to-ceiling windows and a magnificent 180 degree vista over the ship's bow, is a popular quiet space during the day but with its good-sized dance floor and ample comfortable seating,
it is also ideal as a sophisticated evening cocktail lounge and as a lively late night disco. Unlike on Constellation, the decor is much as it was designed - and in my opinion, is all the better for it. Show Picture Full Size

Being the largest ships I have yet sailed on, their size did not initially endear them to me. However, while they are not without their small faults, they are in fact very well-designed ships, well-run, with happy crews and friendly staff.

While perhaps not the most graceful of designs, where they score above her competitors is in their cuisine and service, both of which we found to be excellent - even close to impeccable!

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In the 1990's, Celebrity Cruises established an outstanding reputation for its cuisine, particularly in the main dining rooms, with its formal presentation and service. It advertised itself as a "Premium Line" but after the Chandris family sold its interests in 1997 to Royal Caribbean, there were rationalisations and economies which were not well received. Happily though, these and other concerns have been successfully addressed and Millennium and her 3 sisters have established well-earned positions among the best cruise-ships in the World. Continued on Page 3 - Celebrity Summit >>

Total Mileage aboard
Celebrity Millennium: 3,013 n miles

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