Arcadia 2002 Mileage Log
NB: Port distances generally measured from Pilot-station to Pilot-station & usually obtained from on-board navigational information

23rd January
- Fly overnight to
Santiago, Chile
Friday 24th-Embark Viking Jupiter in
Valparaiso, Chile
Saturday 25th-Valparaiso, Chile-
Sunday 26th-at sea-
Monday 27th-Puerto Montt 631 nmiles
Tuesday 28th-at sea-
Wednesday 29th-Cruising Amalia Glacier-
Thursday 30th-Punta Arenas, Chile1,024 nmiles
Friday 31st Jan-Ushuaia, Argentina285 nmiles
Saturday 1st Feb-Cruising off Cape Horn-
Sunday 2nd-at sea-
Monday 3rd-Port Stanley, Falkand Is. 849 nmiles
Tuesday 4th-at sea-
Wednesday 5th-Puerto Madryn, Argentina634 nmiles
Thursday 6th-at sea-
Friday 7th-at sea-
Saturday 8th-Montevideo, Uruguay634 nmiles
Sunday 9th-Buenos Aires, Argentina140 nmiles
10th February
-Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fly overnight to UK
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Nights on board17
Days at sea8

Cruise Mileage: 4,197 nautical miles
Total Mileage to date: 212,771 n miles

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