Scenic Ruby 2017 Mileage Log
NB: Distances obtained from souvenir brochure and the internet. Also, see notes * & ** below.

Monday 19th June 2017-Nuremberg, Germany-
Tuesday-am Riedenburg
pm Regensburg
Wednesday-Passau, Germany154km
Thursday-am Passau, Germany
pm Linz, Austria
Friday-am Melk, Austria
pm Durnstein, Austria
Saturday-Vienna, Austria79km
Sunday-Budapest, Hungary292km**
Monday 26th June 2017-Budapest, Hungary
disembark & fly UK
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* Passengers disembarked at Riedenburg for coach tours to Nuremberg & then re-boarded the boat at Regensburg.
**16km is added for evening river cruise in Budapest.

Distance travelled by cruise-boat837 km = 452 nmiles
Nights on board7
Days at sea0

Cruise Mileage: 452 nautical miles
Total Mileage to date: 196,979 n miles

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