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23-10-2013 12:13:
Wednesday – Last Day...
23-10-2013 09:46:
Tuesday – Casino pay...
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Still Monday – Any P...
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Monday – Porto for P...
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Sunday – Pilgrimage ...

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Wednesday – Last Day & Chickens Work-to-Rule!
12:13pm - 23/10/2013

Into the English Channel in the early hours and the weather clearing. Still no water in the pools though, so it was 3 times around the deck this morning instead – especially after the Egg Benedict I had for breakfast. Yes, I did say “Egg”, not “Eggs”; we’ve always said the chickens on board ship only lay eggs in pairs

Tuesday – Casino pays out at last!
9:46am - 23/10/2013

Relaxing day at sea heading across the Bay of Biscay in slightly choppy seas, the ship gently rolling and the sound of the wake sleep-inducing! Or maybe that’s the effect of the food and the wine….. The food on board, by the way, has been consistently excellent and while the menus have been much the same, the quality has been

Still Monday – Any Porto in a storm!
12:22pm - 22/10/2013

Well we were supposed to leave Porto at 6pm but the weather was so bad and the wind so strong that we were trapped for 10 hours, while the wind died down – though not before we had broken one of the ship’s lines as she strained against the wind, still tied-fast to the dockside!

Monday – Porto for Port Wine!
12:20pm - 22/10/2013

Got our missing hour back last night, so we’re back on UK time. But the weather finally broke yesterday evening and today it was kicking-up a gale.

Sunday – Pilgrimage to the End of the World
1:17am - 22/10/2013

Roughly translated, “Cap Finisterre” means “The End or Edge of the World” and last night/this morning, some passengers felt like it because as we came around the cape out of the Bay of Biscay into the Atlantic, the sea got a bit rough and the ship was pitching and rolling quite heavil