Viking Sea 2019
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Viking's third ship Viking Sky during her christening
in Tromsø, Norway in June 2017.
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14th March 2019
- Fly to Bergen, Norway
& embark Viking Sky
Overnight in port
Friday-Bergen, Norway
Saturday-at sea
Sunday-Narvik, Norway
Monday-Alta, Norway
Tuesday-Alta, Norway
Wednesday-Tromsø, Norway
Thursday-Tromsø, Norway
Friday-Bodø, Norway
Saturday-at sea
Sunday-Stavanger, Norway
Monday-at sea
Tuesday 26th March 2019-Tilbury, UK

We fell for the "Viking style" on our initial cruise in January 2017 and this would mark our return. The itinerary would be something of a temperature challenge as well as an adventure, the essence of which was see the Northern Lights for the first time - although the "In Search of...." in the title of our itinerary carried with it no guarantee.....

However, nothing could have prepared us for how this cruise would finish - with engine failure and a ship-wide evacuation in stormy seas off the coast of Norway!

At 13.50hrs on Saturday 23rd March, in stormy seas off the coast of Hustadvika, Norway, Viking Sky suffered engine failure (later found to have been caused by an oil-level sensor shut-off switch) resulting in the ship being blown towards the rocks. Both anchors were dropped but the ship almost ran aground and at one point, a wave overwhelmed the promenade deck and smashed through a door into the aft restaurant holding half the ship's passengers at muster stations. A number of passengers were injured and many were bruised and drenched in seawater.

There followed 24hrs in which passengers were held at muster stations while helicopters from the Norwegian Air-Rescue Service evacuated a total of 479 passengers (just over half those on board) to Kristiansund. Meanwhile, partial engine power was restored and with the assistance of sea-tugs which reached the ship on Sunday 24th March, the ship was successfully turned and was able to make her way under her own power into the port of Molde, where she arrived around 16.30hrs on Sunday 24th March. The evacuated passengers were then returned by land to the ship and all passengers susequently flown home by various specially arranged charter-flights.

Click this link to follow our adventures as I posted them live on-line....

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Cruise Mileage: 1,694 nautical miles
Total Mileage to date: 205,313 n miles

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