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Viking Sky - 2019
View Video Emergency Lifeboat Stations! 2m 03sec
In stormy seas, our ship loses engine power and begins rolling, furniture sliding everywhere - and then the General Emergency Alarm is sounded, calling everyone to Lifeboat Stations!
View Video Torstein Hagan's Speech 4m 05sec
After the ship safely returned to port in Molde, the Chairman of Viking Cruises, Torstein Hagan praised the assembled crew and passengers and thanked the Norwegian Rescue Services.
View Video Congratulations to the Officers & Crew! 1m 08sec
Never has praise been more deserved and well-earned as the traditional last night on-stage assembly of Officers & Crew becomes a rousing standing ovation from passengers!
View Video Husky Sledding in Alta, Norway 1m 28sec
Our second experience with the huskies, interacting with the dogs and then a sled ride through an Arctic woodland landscape.
View Video The Northern Lights Cathedral 0m 34sec
The evening LED light show at the beautiful Northern Lights Cathedral in Alata, Norway.
View Video Dogsledding with the Huskies 1m 04sec
At Riksgransen (1,715ft), just over the border in Sweden, we went dogsledding with the huskies across a frozen lake and were introduced to some 8 week-old puppies.
View Video The Ceremony of the Blue Nose 3m 46sec
Crossing the Arctic Circle for the first time, passengers and crew jump into an ice-filled hot-tub before being daubed with a blue nose and being given glass of Aquavit by the Captain!
P&O 175th Anniversary 7-Ships Grand Event - 2012
View Video P&O 7-Ships Grand Event - All in Line >> 1m 12sec
As part of P&O's 175th Anniversary Grand Event in Southampton on 3rd July 2012, all 7 ships assembled in port for the first time in history and sailed together, in line down Southampton Water. Adonia is followed by Ventura, then Arcadia, Aurora, Oriana, Azura & Oceana.
Queen Victoria - 2011
View Video The new Queen Elizabeth in rough seas >> 1m 00sec
Travelling in tandem with the new Queen Elizabeth, I caught this view from Queen Victoria during the last part of the voyage, during which the wind reached Gale Force 10!
Queen Mary 2 - 2011
View Video 3 Queens Royal Rendezvous in New York pt.1 2m 11sec
In New York harbor, Cunard liners Queen Elizabeth & Queen Victoria join Queen Mary 2 for a spectacular fireworks departure.
View Video 3 Queens Royal Rendezvous in New York pt.2 1m 13sec
From the deck of Queen Mary 2 in new York Harbor, just a short glimpse at the spectacular 18 minute fireworks display in front of the Statue of Liberty.
View Video Rio de Janeiro - Sugarloaf Mountain & Cable-car pt.1 2m 01sec
From the top of Sugarloaf Mountain, towering 1,299 feet above the city of Rio, enjoy the view of the mountain and Guanabara Bay, as the cable-car descends to the half-way station.
View Video Rio de Janeiro - Sugarloaf Mountain & Cable-car pt.2 1m 39sec
At the half-way station, you change to the other cable-car for the remainder of the decent, with views of the Sugarloaf Mountain and all the cable-cars passing one another.
View Video Tristan da Cunha Island & RMS St Helena 1m 46sec
Queen Mary 2 salutes the island of Tristan da Cunha following her brief call there, where the little RMS St Helena was also at anchor delivering supplies.
View Video Testing QM2's 4 Whistles at sea 0m 42sec
Every day at sea at noon, QM2 tests her 4 powerful whistles including one that was on the original Queen Mary of 1934. Hear them all - loud!
Celebrity Eclipse - 2010
View Video Travelling the lifts in the Main Atrium 0m 25sec
The spectacular Central Atrium of Celebrity Eclipse passes through 12 Decks. Late one evening, I travel all the way in one go from the silence of Deck 14 down to Deck 3, where the party is still in full flow!
View Video Martini Time - Mixing a Martini with Style! 1m 50sec
In this short clip, the Bartender in the Martini Bar performs his "act" of mixing 5 different Martinis with style & panache; then he proceeds to pour them - but all at the same time!
View Video Farewell to the 5 o'clock Martini Club 0m 44sec
A rather touching farewell by one of the Bar Stewards in the Martini Bar - they had got so used to seeing our "5 o'clock Martini-Club"!

Queen Elizabeth 2 - 2008
View Video QE2 - The Final Departure from Southampton (part 1) 6m 49sec
11th November 2008 - I was aboard the SS Shieldhall to view the final departure of QE2. There are views of QE2 in daylight flying her paying-off pennant, then later with her lights on and finally her departure from the Terminal. It's worth it just for her glorious ship's whistle!
View Video QE2 - The Final Departure from Southampton (part 2) 9m 32sec
In this part, QE2's ship's whistle announces the commencement of celebration fireworks, followed by her departure from Southampton for the last time. Aboard the SS Shieldhall, we followed her as far as Calshot, before bidding her our final farewell!

Zenith to Bermuda - 2001 & 2006
View Video Pacific Princess (ex-Love Boat) at St George's (2001) 1m 15sec
Exchanging ships' whistles with "Pacific Princess" (once famous as the "Love Boat" from the popular 70's TV series), having just left St George, Bermuda aboard Zenith.
View Video Zenith & the Town Cut, St George (2006) 4m 06sec
Zenith makes a dawn departure from Hamilton, Bermuda to make the passage to St George, where she is greeted by the Town Crier (and me & Stella!) on the rocks at Gates Fort.

Arcadia 2000
View Video John & Anny Disco-dancing! (2000) 1m 15sec
On board Arcadia, on the eve of our 8-day Transatlantic Crossing, it was "Carnival Night" and John & Anny demonstrated their respective dancing techniques - but in a discrete area of the open deck!

Royal Viking Sun & San Francisco - 1997 NEW - September 2013
View Video Musée Mécanique 3m 17sec
The captivating music of the nickelodeon drew us to this penny arcade museum on the site of the old Cliff House, before finishing our bus-tour with a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge!
View Video The Departure of Royal Viking Sun 1m 46sec
With the sound of the sea lions at Pier 41, we watched as Royal Viking Sun left for Hawaii. After our 18 nights aboard, her traditional farewell brought tears to our eyes!
View Video The Powell-Hyde St. Cable-Car 1m 46sec
Our first experience of riding on San Francisco's iconic cable-cars, this routes goes over Russian Hill, with a view of Alcatraz Island, before descending to Fisherman's Wharf.
View Video Seaplane Flight over San Francisco Bay 6m 26sec
Highlights of my seaplane flight over San Francisco Bay, with views of Alcatraz Island, Sausalito, the hilltop mansions and Golden Gate National Park, the Pacific Coast, Golden Gate Bridge and the city centre of San Francisco; ending with a bumpy landing back on the water!

Aboard Canberra - 1995
View Video Remember Mr Motivator? 1m 50sec
En-route from Lisbon to the Canaries, Mr Motivator was being filmed for GMTV's "Shape-Up for Summer" programme. He had plenty of willing recruits from amongst the passengers!
View Video Swinging the Botafumeiro 2m 45sec
The Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain is a major pilgrimage destination, where they swing a huge incense-burner above the heads of the congregation during daily Mass.

Aboard Black Watch - 1999
View Video The Kiel Canal - Black Watch & Royal Viking Sun 2m 25sec
Aboard Black Watch en-route from Amsterdam to Copenhagen, passing one of her ex-sister ships, now Cunard's Royal Viking Sun and exchanging ships' whistles.

3 Months Aboard Black Watch - 2007
View Video Cape Town Rotair to Table Mountain 5m 11sec
Travelling the rotating cable-lift to the 3,563ft summit, with some spectacular views of Table Mountain & Cape Town on a fantastically clear day.
View Video Cape Town Helicopter Trip 4m 50sec
Highlights of my flight around Table Mountain, including an aerial view of Black Watch in the harbour. Towards the end is a good shot of Cunard's "Saga Ruby" just arriving.
View Video Chapman's Peak Drive, near Cape Town 2m 18sec
Closed for many years because of dangerous roack-falls, this spectacularly scenic drive south from Cape Town re-opened in 2004. The views from the coach were breathtaking!
View Video Duakor Village School near Takoradi, Ghana 1m 47sec
During our "Around Africa Cruise", we visited this local school and were entertained by the kids. The little ones just wanted sweets and were fascinated by our digital cameras!
View Video Crossing The Line 8m 40sec
Crossing the Equator is marked by this ritual "slap-stick" ceremony before King Neptune, in which the Captain gets dunked and the Cruise Director gets covered in gunge!
View Video Arriving off Nosy Be Island, Madagascar (part 1) 2m 6sec
Also on the "Around Africa Cruise", upon our arrival off this tiny island, the locals turn out in their boats trying to sell us things. They are so poor that we all start throwing gifts to them!
View Video Arriving off Nosy Be Island, Madagascar (part 2) 1m 32sec
We go ashore in the tenders at Andoany, the capital, and discover the rather basic facilities of the local town market. It gives new meaning to the town's old french name, "Hell-ville"!
View Video Happy Birthday 2007 1m 11sec
Aboard Black Watch, my Birthday is marked by the traditional "surprise" birthday-cake and sing-song by the waiters at dinner.
View Video On The Dunes in Doha, Qatar 2m 28sec
Doing some "dune bashing" in the desert but from the comfort of a 4x4.
Some great views of the desert and the Inland Sea.
View Video Burj al-Arab Hotel, Dubai 0m 52sec
A helicopter lands on the roof-top helipad - you can wait for hours to see one but we were there for just a few minutes and were lucky!
View Video Leaping Dolphins in the Arabian Sea 1m 43sec
Off the coast of Oman, we passed through this huge school of dolphins, leaping and playing in the wake of the ship.
View Video The 12 Weeks of Africa 2m 51sec
Aboard Black Watch, the entertainment staff perform this witty rendering of the well-known Christmas song. See if you can catch the words!

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