Vistafjord 1986 Mileage Log
NB: Port distances generally measured from Pilot-station to Pilot-station & usually obtained from on-board navigational information

Wednesday 15th October- Venice Italy-
Thursday-Embark Vistafjord-
Friday-Dubrovnik, Yogoslavia323 nmiles
Saturday-Corfu, Greece216 nmiles
Sunday-Piraeus, Greece378 nmiles
Monday-Rhodes, Greece258 nmiles
Tuesday-Alanya, Turkey193 nmiles
Wednesday-Limassol, Cyprus156 nmiles
Thursday-Haifa, Israel150 nmiles
Friday-Haifa, Israel-
Saturday-Alexandria, Egypt302 nmiles
Sunday-Alexandria, Egypt-
Monday-Santorini (cruising)400 nmiles
Tuesday-at sea-
Wednesday-Valletta, Malta539 nmiles
Thursday-Capri, Italy312 nmiles
Friday 31st October-Genoa, Italy 343 nmiles
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Nights on board15
Days at sea4

Cruise Mileage: 3,570 nautical miles
Total Mileage to date: 12,324 n miles

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