Nile 1992 Mileage Log
NB: Port distances generally measured from Pilot-station to Pilot-station & usually obtained from on-board navigational information

Monday 28th September- Luxor, Egypt-
Tuesday-Abydos & Dendera129 km
Wednesday-Luxor129 km
Thursday-Valley of the Kings-
Friday-(am) Esna64 km
--(pm) Edfu49 km
Saturday-(am) Kom Ombo65 km
--(pm) Aswan40 km
Sunday- Temple of Abu Simbel 54 km
Monday 5th OctoberAswan-Luxor, Egypt (by road) -

Distance travelled by cruise-boat416 km = 224 nmiles
Nights on board7
Days at sea0
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Cruise Mileage: 476 km (257 n miles)
Total Mileage to date: 36,910 n miles

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