Lynch Cruise Club Insignia
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Rank Insignia

Introduced in 2009 to reflect the growth of the Club and to reward seniority, longevity and "cruisemanship", as well
as to foster a level of good-natured competitiveness amongst Club Members!

Awarded for the number of nautical miles cruised with The Lynch Cruise Club
Officer's Caps:-
Awarded for the total number of cruises completed with The Lynch Cruise Club

Basic entry grade for all cruisers
Non-Officer Rank
Rating's Cap for 1-4 cruises
Rank achieved after cruising 12,000 n miles
Junior Officer
Awarded for sailing 5-9 cruises with the Club
Rank achieved after cruising 25,000 n miles
Awarded for sailing 10 cruises with the Club
Rank achieved after cruising 40,000 n miles
Rank achieved after cruising 80,000 n miles
Officer (braided)
Awarded for sailing 20 cruises with the Club
An additional cap is earned for each 10 cruises
Commander incl. rank of Chief Medical Officer
Rank achieved if you ever match my mileage!
A courtesy-rank for longevity & seniority
Admiral (double-braided)
Appropriate to the courtesy-rank of Admiral

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