Black Watch 2007
Show Picture Full Size The expression "cruise of a lifetime" is something of a cliche these days, as cruising becomes so much more popular and widespread. Of course, when you've been cruising regularly for 24 years, it has to be something really special to earn such a reference. Well, it certainly was for John & me! Scroll down the page to follow us and see what it was like.........

Our 79-day Itinerary
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Our journey took more than 11 weeks, during which we visited 28 destinations, most of which we had never visited before; we travelled more than 22,000 miles, crossing the Equator (twice!), sailing through schools of leaping dolphins and passing through the Suez Canal.

We went on wildlife safaris; went "dune bashing" in the desert; saw the fabled city of Petra, the Pyramids and the Valley of The Kings in Egypt, and Cape Town from the top of Table Mountain. I also rode a horse, went snorkelling, steered an

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Arab sailing dhow and flew in a helicopter! And all this in beautifully hot sunny weather while the UK was enduring the ravages of another miserable winter. Was this a "Holiday of a Lifetime"? You Bet!

The voyage was actually marketed in 4 legs, to cater for those passengers who couldn't afford the time (or the money!) for the whole trip. Each leg of the holiday was quite different in character; have a look by clicking one of the links below:-

Go to First Leg Page First Leg - 20 nights
Southampton to
Cape Town
Go to Third Leg Page Third Leg - 18 nights
Mombasa to

Go to Second Leg Page Second Leg - 15 nights
Cape Town to
Go to Fourth Leg Page Fourth Leg - 25 nights
Dubai to

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Cruise Mileage: 22,237 nautical miles
Total Mileage to date: 126,451 n miles

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